Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? The consultation is your first step with a cosmetic doctor. Read this information prior to booking a consult with a plastic surgery additional info. You should educate yourself about breast implants before you visit a cosmetic surgeon. The amount of data available on the World Wide Web can be almost incomprehensible. These tips can help you to get the most from your breast enlargement appointment. Find a qualified plastic surgeon. Your breast surgeon’s board certification will ensure that he or she has undergone extensive training and is current with the latest technologies and techniques. Members of plastic surgery societies are a sign that the doctor is well-respected. Consultations take between 25 and 2 hours depending on how long you spend asking questions, how extensive your operation is, and how much the doctor allows. Consultations should not be rushed. Ask for breast enhancement photos from the cosmetic surgeon when you first meet. You should remember that these photos represent the best breast surgeon’s results. If the surgeon has many photos, it is likely that he or she has extensive experience with breast augmentation.

During the first consultation your doctor will check your breasts. He will look at the placement and size of the breasts as well as your areolas. The doctor will talk to you about what your goals are. Some doctors may even take photos at the consultation. During the consultation your plastic surgeon takes your medical history. Surgeons need to know about any medical conditions. Also, your surgeon needs to be informed about all the medications that you take. These include vitamins, supplements, over-thecounter drugs, prescription medicines and even dietary pills. You can also feel different breast implants from the plastic surgeon. Moreover, your doctor will inform you of all the choices available to you regarding implant type, incisions, and implant placement.

During consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will let you know which vitamins and medications you should avoid, as well as foods, for a specified period of time, before and/or after breast enhancement surgery. Your cosmetic surgery may advise you not to smoke for a specific period before and/or after breast enhancement. Your plastic surgeon will give you instructions on how to stop smoking. This is because smoking can impede your healing. Once the consultation is complete, you can schedule an appointment to have your breasts enlarged or find a cosmetic surgeon who will perform it. Check the references of your doctor and listen to what you instinctively feel. In advance, find out whether the doctor charges a fee for a breast-augmentation consultation. Most breast augmentation surgeons charge consultation fees. These fees range between $75 and $150. To get gorgeous breasts, you should book a consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Get the curves and symmetry you’ve been wanting.