Moldavite crystal is rare green and has been treasured by many for its healing properties. Why is moldavite so beneficial for health?

The article examines the health benefits of adding real moldavite – click for source.

First and foremost, genuine moldavite has an extremely high vibration that could help to balance and align your body’s chakras. A balanced chakra system can improve the physical and emotional health of a person. Moldavite has also been said to stimulate crown and 3rd eye chakras. These are linked to higher awareness and spirituality.

Second, the moldavite crystal is thought to be able to cleanse and clean. According to its creators, moldavite can help you feel lighter and more energetic by eliminating toxins. This is very beneficial for those who feel physically or emotionally tired.

Third, moldavite should have a strong bond with the Earth and strengthen one’s connection to it and nature. A sense of grounding or peace can be created by spending time with moldavite.

The fourth is that the moldavite supposedly has a connection with spirit and can aid in consciousness development. It’s said to aid in self-understanding. This is particularly useful for people who want spiritual development, or are stuck on the spiritual path.

The last, but certainly not the least, is that it’s said to be a stone with a powerful energetic force which helps activate other crystals. Moldavite enhances the therapeutic properties of other gemstones like rose quartz or amethyst when they are used together, providing more benefits.