In an ever-changing landscape of scents, men’s choices seem to be dominated by citrusy spritzes and aquatic breezes useful link. There is a timeless allure that comes with woody notes. It speaks of the mystery and depth of nature. Comme Des Garcons Wonderood, a perfume that celebrates wood’s symphony, is the perfect example of this. Niche 14 from ESNC Perfumery takes us along this aromatic journey, a trip through enchanted woodlands and whispered stories of old.

Imagine this: A dense, mystic forest at sunset. The last rays of the sun streak through the canopy casting patterns on the forest ground. The air is thickly perfumed with cedars, sandalwoods, and guaiacs, with playful hints vetiver. Niche 14, which takes cues from Wonderood and also leaves its own trail, captures that very atmosphere.

Niche 14 is a woody fragrance with a rhythmic heart. Its soul, however, has unexpected twists. It’s peppery, resinous, and sweet, with Madagascar vanilla.

It’s interesting how a scent that is inspired by something as stable as wood has such dynamism. It’s just like the rings that make up a trunk. Each one tells a different tale, and each holds its own secret. The journey will be full of delightful surprises.

Niche 14 is a fragrance that appeals to both men and women. It invites everyone, regardless of gender to explore the woody core and learn about its stories.