Do you remember the first time you entered a shop and felt overwhelmed by all of the different scents? You will learn how each fragrance tells a different story when we discuss the subtleties of selecting the best perfume for women. Achieving the perfect scent for you is an art.

Imagine being a professional painter. You can imagine that every scent you smell is a shade different on your paint palette. Your body is also the canvas. The same way that certain colors create different moods or emotions, smells can also have a transformative effect. At ESNC they have created a world that is full of these aromatic stories, waiting to be explored by discerning nosers like you.

The journey to discover yourself begins when you choose a new perfume. You can’t choose a fragrance based on its aroma. You have to understand the essence of yourself. What kind of memories are you trying to conjure up? You might want to invoke the scent of your childhood flower garden. Or perhaps the energizing sea breeze of your favorite vacation spot.

Start by looking at the fragrance families. The romantic florals, with their rose, jasmine and lavender notes, are a must-have. For something more powerful, try orientals. They have the warm and spicy scents of vanilla amber musk. The woody, earthy scents infused with patchouli, cedar or sandalwood are perfect for the free-spirited.

It is important to consider the drying down. A perfume may seem attractive at first, but its true personality will reveal itself hours later as the scent combines and combines your body’s unique chemical composition. At ESNC the consultants are friendly and will assist you with this. They ensure that your chosen fragrance is still enchanting after a few hours.

There’s a magic to each story that goes beyond the notes or the drydown. You are invited to be a participant in the story of each fragrance. Find a fragrance to transport you from a Moroccan bazaar or Japanese cherry festival.