Each winter, the roof of your home is subjected to constant thaw and freeze conditions, wind, rain, snow, ice, and other elements. It can cause serious and sometimes invisible damage to your roof. Your roof may leak in the spring, when rainy weather begins. If you don’t have a roof checkup or make the necessary roof repairs, water damage can cost thousands, check my blog.

Roofs that are older can be particularly susceptible. Why? The shingles may be damaged from Mother Nature’s abuse over time. And even though your roof still has five or ten years remaining on its warranty, you might need to do repairs. Repairs to roofs are usually necessary.

You may have to repair your roof if you notice loose or broken shingles. This is usually caused by winter wind damage. The shingles can be easily damaged by the cold and windy temperatures. The flashing repair is essential because the exposed sealants and nails, like caulk, often dry out. The water can then easily get into the gaps and cause a huge leak. Most dangerous are areas around chimneys, near skylights and where shingles touch a wall. Roof repair is very important during these rainy months.

Check ups and spring roofing repairs (or tune-ups) usually cost $200 to $500. It is worth $400. Always hire roof repair companies that have good repair testimonials. Verify that the repair references are up-to-date. Roof check-up costs will also be deducted by any roofing repairs. As an example, in the event that your roof costs $1500 to repair, then the initial cost of the roof checkup is deducted. To be certain that this is included, ask about it in advance.

Ensure the company inspecting your roof checks out your attic. It is important to check the underside of your decking. This will give you an accurate picture of what’s going on in your attic. In the attic, you can see stains and rust on wood surfaces where nails have penetrated the roof deck. You will also notice water marks or wet insulation. These methods are very accurate.

A spring tune-up for your roof includes eave troughs. Due to blocked drainage, water can accumulate in the eaves. As water expands during freezing, it can bend and distort eave channels. A build-up of ice dams will also damage wood and roof shingles. It is important to have a roof tune-up done before damage occurs.

Spring is upon us. The time is now to fix your roof. You can prevent thousands of dollars in damages by doing roof repairs early on after an icy winter.