Manufacturers of BBQ grills won’t make the charcoal or gas grill with a gorgeous appearance. They shouldn’t, since this is all they have to offer, other than a cheap BBQ grill cost. The curb appeal can be fantastic, however, you must lift the lid to view the important parts, like the cooking grids, burners and the device between the burners and the grids, recommended site. Also, check out the materials used in the grill’s interior. The majority of gas grills, even the cheaper ones, have a decent set of grids for cooking that are made from cast iron or stainless, but be sure to avoid the grids made of porcelain as the porcelain coating will eventually be worn off and will rust.

Cast iron grids need some more care, such as the seasoning process and keeping them oily but they retain heat and cook meat more than any other grids. Steel is the most simple to keep clean and will create nice sear marks. The burners are the most essential part of a BBQ so bring a magnet along to verify if your burners are made of steel. If the magnet is stuck to the burner, don’t anticipate it to last for more than a few seasons because they’ll start to rust due to heat and salts, as well as grease.

Certain cast iron burners are okay if they’re made from high quality iron but the burner ports must be cleaned often because cast iron will rust causing the port to block gas flow resulting in lower temperature and hot spots on the grilling surface. A majority of BBQ grills are equipped with stainless steel tube burners. They are able to last for 7 to 10 years if they are constructed of high-quality stainless steel in 304. The most reliable is a casting stainless steel burner that is found inside Fire Magic Grills and a handful of other brands.