The role of the perfumer in the world of complex fragrances for women is that of both an expert and an artist. Esnc was kind enough to invite us for a chat. The renowned Esnc. Visit website.

In response to a question about where a new perfume begins, our fragrance designer said, “It starts with an emotional reaction or the story that we are trying to tell.” As an example, a fragrance that represents empowerment could include bold, spicy notes while one inspired by calmness might have softer floral and aquatic notes.

After a while, the conversation turned to capturing the essence and diversity of femininity. “Femininity can be diverse and has multiple facets. We have to make scents which reflect the diversity of femininity. To add complexity, we combine floral and fruity elements with other unexpected notes like woody or resinous ones.

Sustainability is also important to our perfumer. “Our work is based on sustainability. We make sure that all of our products are made with environmentally friendly methods and ethically-sourced ingredients. This is about producing beauty responsibly.”

In discussing emerging trends in women’s perfumes, the experts shared some insights. The demand for unique and personalized fragrances is growing. Women seek fragrances not only pleasant, but that also reflect their personality. Also, we’re seeing more women opting for natural ingredients.

In the end, we reflected on how scents play a role in a woman’s daily life. “A woman’s perfume is not just an essential part of their daily routine. It also serves as a medium of expression and can evoke emotions. Esnc has one goal: to make scents which are not just beautiful, but resonate with wearers on a more intimate level. “Our goal is to develop scents that are not only beautiful, but resonate with wearers on a more intimate level.”