The crypto website community continues to increase the number of cryptocurrency users all over the world. Virtual money is only rising in popularity, though the value of coins can’t be determined, as it is uncertain.

A bit of crypto is not a bad idea if you have a certain amount of money to invest. Therefore, it is necessary to know what are the most popular cryptocurrency wallet coins to invest in?

Before investing in any crypto coins, it is crucial to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the specific crypto coin. The main reason to invest is to make sure that you earn a fair ROI from your investment.

What is the price the coin based on?

The following factors could alter the prices for cryptocurrency:

1 – Software upgrade: Cryptocurrency prices rise as the software is upgraded. For example – protection against hackers, transaction time, etc.

It is crucial for traders to remain updated on the effects of these changes.

2 – Coin publicity: This is among the most important aspects since the public’s opinion could place a cryptocurrency on an altar or end it. People who trade on promotional offers should finish their transactions before the value of these offers is diminished.

3. Reliability Since all cryptocurrency is digital, the absence of an electronic wallet for cryptocurrency can influence the price of currency. To store cryptocurrency safely and to verify its authenticity, a digital wallet is essential.

4 Platform Application: Several crypto networks offer digital wallets for their tokens. This cryptocurrency wallet app may not just have a positive effect on the platform, but also on the native token if it is effective.

The following are the crypto coins that are worth their weight in gold:

1 – Bitcoin:

The most experienced cryptocurrency users are confident that Bitcoin will still hold the top spot in the market of cryptocurrency coins in 2020. The value of Bitcoin could be affected by certain factors such as institutional money, the rate of rapid adoption and the global financial crisis and so on.

Bitcoin is a popular option for those who are looking to invest in the future. Therefore, Bitcoin is considered the king of all crypto currencies and is the dominant cryptocurrency.

2 – Ripple:

Ripple’s prediction for 2020 is very optimistic. Western Union and Moneygram have already expressed an interest in using XRP.

3 – NEO:

The technologies behind NEO will help in growing the related performance. The NEO ecosystem is poised to become a major infrastructure for the general public above cryptocurrencies. NEO is a coin that’s worth investing in due its positive forecasts.

4 – Litecoin:

Litecoin is among the best cryptocurrency currencies to invest in. It will continue to dominate the market since it is a superior technology to Bitcoin. The Litecoin Platform is ready to offer its users the payment system.

5 – Ethereum:

Ethereum is currently in a tense position. It is not able to handle the volume of transactions. It’s not easy to estimate the price of the future coin when we don’t know the total amount of coins available.


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