Your garage is small. You might be looking at renting storage units if you are moving to a smaller home or office. That’s great! This is a very popular option. Mini storage units can be found in most American cities. Here are some storage tips to help you make the most your unit. These storage tips have been extremely useful to me for many years, click this link!

Tip One – Keeping your stuff dry.

Cargo pallets are a great way to keep boxed items dry. This isn’t an issue with snow or rain, but it can be with the changing seasons. Concrete floors can feel the heat from the spring air, which is typically warmer than their concrete floor’s surface. Concrete floors can feel moisture building up if the air temperature is high. Your boxes can be stored on pallets to increase air circulation. You can increase air circulation by placing your boxes on pallets. This will ensure that everything remains dry. You can increase air flow by leaving a little more space between the walls of storage units.

Tip Two: Keep frequently used items near the entranceway.

You should store things that you use often closer to your storage unit’s entrance. It’s dangerous to have to climb over boxes and mountains just to find the item you need. If my sons are interested in borrowing everything, it is impossible for me to leave my golf clubs at home. I keep them in my storage area so that they are always near me when I need them. I have them right by the entrance to the unit when I do require them. Grab ’em now and you are good to-go!

Tip Three: Review your homeowner and automobile insurance policies.

Check the policy of your renter or homeowner to see if rental goods are covered. Many mini storage facilities offer coverage for natural disasters. However, they won’t cover damage to items that are unsecure or were damaged due to poor packing or handling. Insurance can protect your antique car or chinaware sets.