Let’s jump right in and choose a Los Angeles swimming pool contractor without the fluff. Imagine that your backyard needs a splash of color and excitement. You want a pool to reflect who you are. The goal is to create an oasis for yourself in the hustle and buzz of LA. Learn more?

The first thing to do is find a pool contractor in this town. You have a wide range of options but not every one will fit your needs. It’s important to have someone listen more than speak. We have all experienced those dates in which you could not get out a word. Not enjoyable.

Think about the terrain. LA isn’t flat like a morning breakfast pancake. The city has more ups than downs. You might need to use some engineering magic to realize your dream of a pool that stretches into the horizon. It’s not enough to have a magician wave a magic wand. A wizard is needed who knows the tricks of handling hillsides so that your backyard doesn’t turn into a landslide.

But let’s not be green with jealousy at the eco-friendly setup of our neighbors. California water is as scarce as parking in Trader Joe’s at a busy Saturday afternoon. Your pool should sip the water like it is a fine white wine, and not drink it like it is at an open bar. Solar heating? Systeme utilisant saltwater? Bring them on. Find an contractor who is more interested in saving the planet than your are.

Craftsmanship, too, is important. Have you bought anything that looked fantastic online but crumbled faster than celebrity unions? Pools can be just like that if not done correctly. If you’re not careful, pools can be like that too.

Communication, you say, is the basis of every good relationship. If your contractor ghosted or contacted you more frequently than the Tinder match you made last month, there should be red flags flying. It’s important to get updates, even if they are not very interesting. Silence does not work here.

Finally, what seemed like an eternity has passed (but was probably only a matter of months) and there you have it – your piece d’ resistance in the concrete maze that is LA. Not just any water-filled hole, but your personal refuge from reality.

This job is not one where you can just flip through ads and settle for the person who has the biggest billboard down Sunset Boulevard. It’s all about finding someone who can understand your vision while not making you break into hives during budget discussions.

You can toast your success in the backyard when you finally discover “the one.” Sip a cool drink and enjoy it by your new aquatic paradise. Once you find “the right one”, relax with a glass of wine and toast to creating waves in your own backyard.

We can share epic tales. Or, at least, do not fall asleep while reading our textbooks. Perhaps we should first ask why people feel this way before jumping up on our moral high horses. After all, listening is the key to understanding – even if you find it uncomfortable.