The living room is a great place for relaxation, gatherings with friends, and spills. You’d think your furniture was a magnet to stains. You need not worry! Upholstery Cleaning can remove blemishes from any surface, be it a wine spill at last night’s party or the marker art of your child. Recommended reading?

We’ll start by talking about that classic red wine stain. The white wine trick is probably well-known, but in case you are out of it, this alternative will do. Simply blot, don’t rub! Use a soft, dry cloth to soak up as much liquid from the stain as you can. A tablespoon of dishwashing soap and two cups cool water should be mixed together, then gently dabbed onto the stain. After rinsing the area with a cloth soaked into cold water, you’re done!

Ink, too, can make your heart skip. You can try to remove stains with rubbing liquor before declaring your couch an art work. Alcohol is a solvent that lifts ink. A gentle dab of a moistened cloth on the stain can do wonders.

Next, we have the coffee spill. Do not panic, just blot the liquid. Next, combine a tiny amount of liquid soap with warm water. Then, using a fresh cloth and the soapy mixture, blot it until the stain is gone. The final step is to rinse it with cool water, then dry the area.

Pet owners know that removing urine stains can be a difficult task. Applying equal parts of water and white vinegar after the urine has been absorbed can help neutralize the stain and odor. It is best to let it sit for several minutes and then dab dry. You can also give your pet a little extra exercise as an added preventative measure.

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