According to all reports, a landscape architect in Sydney does not mean the same as a landscape designer The jargon aside, they specialize in changing your office or residential outdoor area into a style that reflects you and your personality. You can get their help with decking and pool designing, or garden design and patios. However, just as any profession has expectations of its clients, so do they! This is the list of things they expect you to be aware of, but are too polite to mention it. Time to take off the gloves

The children quickly outgrow the space

You will see your children grow faster than weeds. Now, it’s hard to envision what will be happening in 5-10 more years. You will have to think twice before you can imagine the look of your garden.

Artificial turf doesn’t solve the problem

Contrary to the popular belief, synthetic grass is inferior to organic grass. This is completely false. It is true that synthetic turf requires less upkeep than organic grass, but this does not mean it’s completely maintenance-free. Landscape architects in Sydney are keen to let you know that synthetic turf is more expensive and also toxic for the environment. Plus, it emits more heat than it absorbs. This would be more harmful than beneficial.

Gravel doesn’t mean you can’t buy a car

Mulch cannot be replaced. Period. You may think differently. Don’t you? This is the worst nightmare for residential landscape architects. The gravel won’t be blown away, but it can still hit you hard if someone trips on them. Ah, you didn’t think of that? It is for this reason that mulch is recommended around pools and walkaways.

Your family tree is not going to last forever

The tree will not remain there forever, no matter how impressive it may appear. It will eventually die and then you’ll have to redesign the entire landscape. It is not only annoying, but it can be very costly. Before embarking on any “nostalgic”, trip, you should think it through a thousand times. Sydney landscaping architects believe that cutting off old “logs”, which prevent new vegetation from growing, is the best solution.

Avoid cutting corners

Stay prepared for unplanned costs when you need to meet a project deadline. You can’t avoid unexpected circumstances, and cutting costs is not the best thing to do. It can also lead to legal disputes, which could halt the project. Bring in experts and stop wasting time. You’d be surprised how expert minds can solve problems and bring your project back to life!

Patience, a virtue

Every project requires time to succeed. You can make things worse by rushing. Trust the landscaping architects of Sydney to make your dream come true! You should be clear and vocal about your desires from the start. They’d be more than willing to oblige. You’ll be rewarded for taking a risk. Last but not least, don’t let your dreams of a fountain come true. Not only is it way too costly, but also pointless. Don’t burn through dollars unless absolutely necessary.