Carpets are often ignored when it is time to care for the interior of the house. While windows are cleaned and floors polished, most carpets remain in the cold. Most carpets need to be cleaned only if there are staining or frequent sneezing. How often do you actually need to have your carpets cleaned.


Carpets that have been maintained properly require less frequent cleaning than those that have been neglected. If you have your carpets professionally cleaned and maintain them well each day, it will probably last for at least 2 years. Professional cleaning is usually reserved for those who regret not taking good care of their carpets and for owners of carpets that see a lot of wear and tear. If you vacuum your carpets once a week, it can help reduce the need for professional cleaning.

Carpets that belong in homes typically require less cleaning since they are indoors where dirt and dust are not as common. If the homeowner removes their shoes before walking on the carpet, this will reduce the cleaning time. Parents with children will often need to call an emergency professional if the child spills anything on the carpets. Pets can make carpets more prone to staining. Although pet hairs are easily removed with a vacuum, or Velcro pads for carpets, some pets can cause dirt to be tracked in from the outside.

Carpets that are used for commercial and public purposes will require more frequent services. You can’t tell where your shoes came from, and how many particles you find in their shoes. This is why carpets that are used in public buildings and commercial offices need to be cleaned more often. Vacuuming isn’t very effective here because dirt can get trampled down and stuck to the carpet fibers. Most carpets found in public areas should be cleaned once a month, and even more frequently if they get stained easily.

Too Many Cleaning

There’s a term called over cleaning, and it is something that you might not realize. You might be tempted, if you have enough money to pay for it, to have your carpets cleaned more frequently. However, on average you only need to do this once a month or once every two year. Carpets can become damaged and fragile if carpets are regularly exposed to powerful chemicals. For advice on how often professional carpet cleaners should be cleaning your carpets, contact your local carpet cleaning company. They will clean your carpets for free and will give you tips to maintain the carpet’s quality.
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