Slate roof tiles are the best choice – get the facts! They require little upkeep, but they will wear out over time due to a variety of factors. Slate is fire- and water-resistant, and this should suffice to recommend it. Slate is also a good noise-insulator and saves on energy. It is also resistant to wind, rain, and snow. A small carbon footprint is a way to do your part for the environment and have a lighter conscience. Roof Tile Repairs Melbourne can be there in an instant to fix any problems that may arise with your slate roof. An annual maintenance contract will ensure the roof’s future.

Welsh slate, Canadian slate, Spanish slate or reclaimed slate?

Slate is an alternative to metallic and clay tiles. It comes in many different shades, with beautiful slates. The slates come from far-off destinations and neighboring nations, and they have an aura of romance and mystery. Why not decorate the office or home with some of life’s best things? Let them all be beautiful, whether they are artworks, building materials or furniture. It is the company’s responsibility to install, restore and maintain the roof so that it sparkles, becomes stronger and more effective.

What is done to restore the damaged area?

The pine battens are used to prepare a structure for the tile. Slate can last for a hundred years, but wood is slowly destroyed by weather and may need to be replaced. Also, copper or steel nail and felt membrane are used. The mortar on the roof’s ridge or hip may also be affected by seasonal temperature changes and wetness. The tiles will be replaced if they are still in good condition after the wood or mortar has been changed. It is necessary to remove the old mortar and then redo it. Re-pointing and bedding is the process. Calculations would need to be done if an accident, weather or falling tree partially damaged the tiles.

Roof Tile Repairs Melbourne can be a great opportunity! Why not refurbish the roof? Slate tile roofs can last for a long time, perhaps even more than one lifetime. The use of several shades in one part of the roofing would create a fantasy world that the business or family could enjoy every day. Many people prefer purple or gray-black, but red and green shades of slate are also popular. Make collages of letters, logos and names with a message.

Problems with chimneys

The chimney can be vulnerable when it comes time to repair the roof. The ideal solution would be a comprehensive evaluation of the damage and materials required, a quotation for the repair work with future coverage in a contract. Re-pointing the damaged chimney, repapping it, and reapplying leadwork or render may be required. If the chimney is clearly visible, check for cracks and missing flashings. Another common issue is a missing or cracked crown. Other issues include weakened lime mortar joints, missing chimney pots and cracked or broken flashings. Rain water seeping into the frail mortar can cause rotting, mildew, and mold.