You will need to hire a roofing service company if you plan on having a roof installed on your existing or new home. It all depends on what kind of roof you want. You can see for more information.

Many roofing services can install shake roofs or asphalt shingles on most homes. You will need to hire a roofer who is familiar with installing green roofs.

Either a green roof can be described as intensive (which means that it needs a lot of maintenance) or extensive (which means that it only requires occasional watering and maintenance).

While most single-family homes will not have green roofs in all neighborhoods, they are possible if your neighborhood supports them. A comprehensive green roof is the type that’s installed as part of a home remodel or reconstruction.

An extensive green roof is a roof which has many components. The roof must be structurally strong enough for this type roof to support its weight. It will require weatherproof material, drainage mats, and then a water retention blanket. A vegetation growing medium, in which the vegetation is placed, is added to this. This medium could be pre-sown, so the plants will start to grow after being watered.

They are often shallow-rooted and drought resistant. The plants may require some weeding every year but they are low maintenance. This type of roof is perfect for water runoff. It will appear greener in a moist climate.

These roofs are not available from all roofing companies. However, it is becoming more popular as a residential roofing option. However, this type roof still requires a standard roof structure with trusses or soffits. Some roofing materials require specialization.