Renew Wellness & Recovery is a Utah women’s drug abuse treatment that stands out because of its unique approach in empowering women to recover. Renew Wellness & Recovery, a women’s substance abuse treatment in Utah, has carved out a path that is unique, offering specialized services to address the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of every woman. Go here.

Empowering women through personalized care

Renew Wellness & Recovery’s commitment to individualized care is one of its core strengths. Renew is a smaller rehab facility that houses only seven women. This creates a supportive and intimate environment where every woman gets personalized attention. The treatment is tailored to each woman’s needs, which fosters empowerment and a feeling of security.

Holistic healing: Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit

Renew is of the belief that a true recovery involves more than simply addressing addiction. It’s important to treat the entire person in order to achieve lasting changes. Renew Wellness & Recovery uses a holistic, comprehensive approach in treatment. Renew offers women a variety of holistic therapies, including art therapy and yoga. They also receive trauma-informed treatment. Diverse approaches are used to recognize the importance of balancing factors such as diet, nutrition and spirituality.

The Comprehensive Treatment of Dual Diagnosis

Renew Wellness & Recovery takes it a step farther by providing dual diagnosis therapy. This acknowledges that addiction is often accompanied by mental illness, trauma and relationship problems. It is licensed for both mental and substance abuse treatment. This ensures that the clients get a full therapeutic experience. The holistic healing approach includes individual, group, family and medication management.

Renew Wellness & Recovery helps women heal from addiction by addressing the underlying causes. This includes the emotional and mental scars which may have contributed to the addiction.