Underpinning isn’t just about the property foundations. The foundation of reliability and trust is also laid. Rectify can deliver on this promise. Rectify’s 25-year guarantee on the underpinning materials is like a big hug for home owners. Learn more about what makes this 25-year warranty a hit in Melbourne’s city houses!

1. One Quarter Century of Coverage

The span of 25 years has grown considerably. 25 years is enough time for you to watch your kids grow and change their career, or to even see Melbourne’s skyline evolving. Imagine having complete peace ofmind about your foundation all this time. Rectify gives you that peace of mind.

2. Take Action, Not Only Words

A long-term guarantee is one thing, but to back it up and stand by that warranty is another. Rectify is known for delivering on its promises. Rectify’s warranty covers all homes, from the Brighton beach houses to those on Bourke St.

3. Top-Notch Materials:

Underpinning materials of premium quality are the backbone of our warranty. This is not just any filler; these materials have undergone rigorous testing, and are tailored specifically to Melbourne’s geological challenges.

4. What’s beyond the basics?

Rectify has a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. This warranty is a testament of that. Both their superior materials and techniques are a credit to Rectify.

5. The Responsiveness of Resolutions

There is very little chance that there will ever be a problem. Rectify is pro-active in its approach. It’s not just a simple document. The warranty also includes a commitment to service. Fast resolutions and timely intervention? The package includes everything.

6. Building Trust, one home at atime:

Rectify’s 25-year warranty is not just a way to underpin homes, but also trust, assuring you that your most treasured spaces are in safe hands. Rectify’s 25-year guarantee is not just about ensuring the safety of your home, it’s also about restoring trust.

7. The Numbers Will Speak for You

25 years. It is an unwavering commitment and assurance. Rectify offers you more than just a simple service. It’s an investment for 9,125 uninterrupted days.