Genshin Raiden Shogun is developed being a battery to provide extra problems as electro support that will offer additional electro harm to your DPS.

Furthermore to offering further electro harm, Raiden Shogun may help your DPS to activate elemental reactions these types of as electro charged or overload.

On the other hand, Raiden Shogun’s elemental burst also produces tremendous whole damage therefore you can functionality as DPS.

Listed here would be the recommendations to the finest Raiden Shogun 2022 build for all those of you who would like to get Raiden Shogun:

Establish Raiden Shogun as Help DPS (Battery)

This DPS or battery support make is definitely the least difficult build for Raiden Shogun. You simply ought to concentration on boosting essentially the most crucial expertise, particularly elemental expertise > elemental burst > usual attack.

Raiden Shogun would not need a substantial plenty of energy expense for both techniques this means you can use it consistently.

The strength of Raiden Shogun’s elemental capabilities is often scaled up calculated in the Raiden Shogun’s Power Recharge (ER). You must prioritize artifacts with stat Energy Recharge or electro hurt bonuses.

The top and many suitable artifact may be the Emblem of Severed Fate 4 set. You are able to also use this set of 4 while using the encouraged stats or else you can mix it with other artifacts these as Tundering Fury or Noblesse Oblige.

These 4 sets of Emblem of Severed Fate artifacts will enhance the basic Burst DMG by 25% with the Raiden Shogun’s overall Electrical power Recharge. You can get yourself a optimum of 75% bonus DMG from this set.

two sets of Emblem of Severed Destiny will give +20% Vitality Recharge. Combination with two sets of Thundering Fury will include electro DMG reward +15%.

Noblesse Oblige 2 sets will incorporate an elemental burst with a 20% bonus for all people within the occasion, thereby escalating the injury from a party.

There usually are not a lot of barriers in what weapons or weapons are very good to implement on this establish. The main focus for your establish is always to increase Electricity Recharge from Raiden Shogun to assist your workforce.

It is possible to use weapons with Electricity Recharge stats these kinds of as Skyward Backbone, The Catch, Prototype Starglitter, or Favonius Lance.

You may also use weapons like the Staff members of Homa and Primordial Jade Winged-Spear when you have enough Power Recharge from your Raiden Shogun to ensure this weapon can add crit damage or crit rate.

Build Raiden Shogun as Most important DPS

Raiden Shogun consists of people which might be rather welcoming as Key DPS for free-to-play (F2P) gamers since the build is not really hard ample. You do not need to have the goblet artifact that’s commonly challenging to get, namely the Electro Problems Reward.

You simply have to farm or try to find the exact same artifacts just like the previous Raiden Shogun construct, namely Power Recharge. An Electrical power Recharge stat that artifacts can be acquired quickly in comparison to other stats.

Additionally you really need to maximize the Crit DMG/Rate stat in order that attacks from Raiden Shogun’s elemental bursts are achieved making sure that crit is reached as well as resulting destruction is significant.

The expertise or skill which is centered on constructing this Raiden Shogun DPS that you just prioritize is elemental burst > elemental ability = normal attack.

In this make you have to make the most with the Raiden Shogun which has fantastic problems to its elemental burst which you have got to optimize for destruction.

Elemental expertise are useful for increasing eye problems of stormy judgment which can raise the charging velocity of the Desiderata Chakra so that the resulting burst hurt is bigger and best.

The most beneficial artifact for this Key DPS develop remains to be the emblem of Severe Fates 4 set or a combination of this established with the Gladiator Finale. It is possible to also make use of a mixture of 2 sets of Thundering Fury 2 Noblesse Oblige.

The ideal weapon for Principal DPS Raiden Shogun is needless to say the signature weapon of Raiden Shogun, specifically Engulfing Lightning.

Engulfing Lightning is also rumored with the leaks on the leakers a couple of days back, will come to be a weapon banner along with Raiden Shogun’s rerun banner.

The reward from Engulfing Lightning is ideal for Raiden Shogun regardless of whether it’s help or enjoying DPS. Reward named Timeless Desire: Eternal Stove on refinement (refinement one) will boost ATK 28% from Strength Recharge earlier mentioned 100%. You may get a greatest bonus of 80% ATK, as well as 30% Electricity Recharge for twelve seconds just after making use of Elemental Burst.