He must have a nice smell. You’ve probably heard it from women or read about it in magazines recommended reading. We cannot understate the importance of grooming and hygiene.

The best way to find men’s fragrances is by shopping online. The best fragrances are not always easy to find.

Read on to learn a few tips.

Fragrance Guide

You can determine the price by determining the concentration of fragrance essence in the container. The concentration of the perfume can help you determine your budget.

* Parfum. A parfum may contain as much as 30 percent pure fragrance essence. A single spray of perfume is often enough to last the whole day.

EDP or Eau de Parfum: This is a milder scent. EDP contains 15-20% pure oils and alcohol. The perfume needs to be applied throughout the day.

EDT is an even milder scent, consisting of between 5-15% pure oil essential of the fragrance.

Cologne or Eau De Cologne: This term is often used to describe scents that are masculine. The perfume oil is dispersed in water and ethanol to a level of 2 to 4 percent. It lasts for only a couple of hours.


All international scents for men consist of a combination of different “notes” that combine to create the scent. These can be divided into

The top notes are the scents that first catch your attention when you use the product. These notes determine the overall scent of the fragrance, whether it is fruity, floral or earthy. These usually disappear as quickly.

* Heart Notes. The heart notes will appear after the top notes fade. These scents tend to be softer.

*Base Notes – These are sounded as soon as the top notes disappear. The base notes may be dense, rich and deep. As they age, base notes can become more rich and rewarding.


Test any perfume before buying it. Each person’s pheromones are unique.

Discover some popular fragrances for men.

* Al Ameer

Geranium and blackcardamom combine to create an incredibly unique fragrance. Turkish rose oil, Frankincense Oil and Hinoki Wood are added to the middle notes.

* Noir

Noo-ahr is the way you pronounce this fragrance. This blend of Tahitian notes and spicy woods is ideal for a night out or a business meeting.


The fragrance slowly transitions from saffron Kashmir to Bulgarian Rose, Madagascar Vanilla & Vetiver Java. As the name implies, this is a scent for the rich men!

Mystic ocean

It captures all of the magic that the sea has to offer. After an initial citrusy note, the scents of White Musk accord and Glacier water accord slowly take over. Perfect for the mysterious! This is a popular scent among men.

* Rouge

This is a scent that proudly male species love! This scent, which is pronounced “Roojsh”, begins with Green Mandarins, South Africanlychees, and then lands on more subtle notes including rare musks.