Plan your fencing project carefully before you begin. You can then decide what kind of fence to build, how you would like it situated, and the final look you desire. Consider your reason for installing a fence. You may want a fence contractor for a variety of reasons, including child protection, pet safety, aesthetics, privacy or to deter trespassers.

Next, decide if the job will be done by you or hired a professional. You can hire professionals to handle your entire fence project, which will save you time and frustration. Or you can choose to have a contractor complete only part of it. It takes a great deal of effort and time to build a fence, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts if you use some simple tips.

Measurements are another thing you should consider when planning your fence. If you are looking to avoid issues during the installation and purchase the right amount of material, careful measurement is essential. When measuring your fence, it is important to always check the boundary lines of your property. Do not make your neighbor angry by removing a fence that you just built because your boundary lines were not followed. Checking local laws and rules is also important before and during the fence building process. It is important that you ensure the fence meets all specifications.

Contact your local utility and ask them to come mark your property. Before you dig fence posts, it is important to consider buried cables and lines. You will have to adjust plans if there are any lines under the ground where you plan to build.

When you plan your fence, you have many options for fencing materials. Choose a durable material and one that gives you the effect that you want, whether it’s for decoration, privacy or property barriers. Picket fences are available in many different types, including board fences. Lattice fencing, PVC, Aluminum, Chain Link Fences, Basket Weave Fencing, and Custom Fencing. Different types of wood can be used to construct any wooden fence. Wooden fences can be stained, painted or left untreated. Metal fences can be painted as well.

You should also consider where your gates will be placed for security and easy access. Plan accordingly, as the gate needs extra space to be able to open and shut.

You can complete the project by yourself if you are able to get all the necessary tools for digging the posts and installing the fence.