It can be difficult to determine which side it is. Based on my experience playing both the piano and keyboard, I would say that it is easiest to begin with a piano or a keyboard. But there’s more! Let’s examine it more info multiple angles.

1 What is the goal of your organization?
2) What type music do you prefer to listen to?/ Who is your favorite musician?
3) Instruments (choices price range, stores and portability)
4) Learning Easiness
5) Performance options

Your goal

You need to be clear about why you’re considering learning the guitar or piano. Maybe your friends play an instrument. It is possible that you are just interested in playing instruments. It is important to remain pure and unaffected at all costs or difficulties. It’s possible to afford any instrument if there is a hidden talent in music. Which instrument are you currently playing? You can choose which instrument suits you best.

2) What type of music do yo prefer?/ Who are your favourite musicians?

Playing music will bring you joy. What song would you rather play? The Beethoven song “Fur Elise”, or the rock song “Stairway 2 heaven” by Led Zeppelin. All songs can be played on one or both of these instruments. You can still hear the original song if the instrument chosen is played according to the artist. You may feel as though you are a professional musician. This kind of feeling can be a joy in the music. Quel source were you musically inspired?

(3) Instruments

For the Piano (Acoustic pianos or digital pianos, Electronic keys, mobile phone apps) and for the guitar (classical, folk, country, electric guitars.,Electric basses.,Apps)

Price range. (Lower/Higher, or Both) Apps are free for the new Piano, keyboards and digital pianists are $50 each, acoustic guitars are $2,000, and acoustic pianos are $2,500. For the old one (from ….?))), apps for the free guitar (apps to free, all types of guitars for $100).

Shops to Purchase & Transportability. Most major cities have music shops and piano shops. It is also possible to search on the Internet for the closest store. They will deliver it right to your door. It is very simple to transport and deliver your guitars or lighter keyboards. While you can disassemble digital pianos, you’ll need to bring it with you or two people. The piano movers should not be unable to transport the acoustic keypads. If you purchase a piano new, the store offers free shipping

4) Easy Learning Process

You can view which notes are being played. It’s like typing on a keyboard. But the keyboard is also a map. By pressing any keys with one hand, you can make a melody. Fixed pitch is very simple to use. This is the best choice, especially for beginners or small children. Music making can be a great way to have fun.

Guitar- It is much harder to create a melody than it is for the piano. This is because your left arm must find the notes and your right-hand plays the strings. You may find chords difficult if they are not easy to understand. It is best to press your left hand in an unusual position. Based on your physical abilities, recommended for teenagers or above

As the piano repertoire becomes more complex, it will be necessary to use both hands for melody and accompaniment. You might also need to know music theory and how the music scores are read. The learning process will be more enjoyable if you make progress.

If you’re proficient with the basic chords, you can play most songs, even pop, and be able to accompany them. But, you will need to learn technical skills more if performing the classical repertoire like “Memories of Alhambra”. There may also be nice solos for guitar in the songs of rock groups. The mastery and art of beautiful music is necessary for these songs.