Paints today don’t have as strong an odor, but there are people who can be very sensitive. Paints with a zero or low VOC content are virtually odorless. Those with respiratory issues find wet paints difficult to handle. It is important to consider the impact of a new paint on the people who visit the commercial space. The fumes from fresh paint can also be dangerous to pregnant women. Researchers have not determined the full extent of harm, but women who are pregnant should avoid this dangerous substance, continue?

It is best to choose the right paint for your project. In general, the higher the paint quality is the lower the Volatile Organic Compounds levels. Labels on paints will contain specific information about VOC levels. You can easily compare paint label numbers to make a decision. There are even zero VOC paints available now, which may be more expensive than other types of conventional paints but offer amazing benefits. Low VOC paints will emit less fumes as they dry and come in many popular colors.

The stronger the fumes will be, especially for residential painting. It will emit fumes as it dries, which is referred to by the term outgas. This takes approximately a month. You will have to live with some paint fumes during the first few weeks. It is important to ventilate the area you have painted. This will speed up the cure process. Keep windows open as much as possible to allow cross-ventilation. Use a fan near or in a window for directing odors outdoors.