Everyone has been there visit us. One minute, you’re drinking a glass red wine. Next, the liquid is all over your beautiful white rug. A panicky feeling sets in. But worry not! Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches is here to give you some tips and tricks that will prepare you for those unfortunate moments. Enter the world of stain removal emergencies and learn how to transform your panic into confidence!

1. The Golden Rule – Act quickly!
The longer the stain stays, the harder it will be to remove. Spontaneously act upon a spill. It is important to act quickly after a spill.

2. Blot, Don’t Rub:
Your first instinct could be to rub the stain furiously. Resist! Resist!

3. Plain water is your friend:
Do you need to use chemical cleaners? Try using water first. Often, especially on fresh spills and messes, lukewarm or warm water will do the trick. Here, too, use the same blotting technique!

4. DIY Solutions:
You can use club or white soda to wipe up red wine. Spilled any coffee? Vinegar and liquid detergent can help you. Has ink gotten on the rug or carpet? Hairspray, believe it or not might do the trick.

5. Always Test Cleaning Product:
Before using any commercial cleaners, test them on a small section hidden under your rug. Some products can damage certain fabrics or cause them to discolor.

6. Avoid Heat:
Even though it’s tempting to grab your hairdryer to speed things up, heat may set some stains and make them difficult to remove. Let the stain air dry, or use a small fan if it’s urgent.

7. When in doubt call in the pros
Some stains have a stubborn nature and will not move. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches offers professional services that will restore your rug’s original beauty.
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