Area rugs have a vital role to play in the design and decoration of any structure go here, be it residential or commercial. The addition of warmth, texture and color can make any space more inviting. If dirt, bacteria, and dust are allowed in carpets, they may look unsightly or even be harmful. The carpet cleaning company mosman uses advanced techniques to clean rugs effectively and safely.

This is how we care for your rugs so that they don’t lose their shine or softness.

Most commonly, rugs are cleaned with hot water extraction. This is also called steam cleaning. We use specialist machinery to inject heated water and cleaning solution into the rug. The dirt and grime are then removed from deep within. When the rug gets washed the machine removes all the grime, cleaning solution and moisture from the carpet, leaving it clean and hygienic.

Rugs made with natural fibres or very fragile rugs should be dry-cleaned as they could shrink or bleed. We use low-moisture cleaning foam that penetrates deep into the fabric to remove dirt and stains. After removing any foam from the rug, it is rinsed and dried.

Encapsulation uses specific cleaning solutions that trap dirt and stains. In the end, when the key gets cleaned up, it leaves the carpet clean and smelling great.

Use a bonnet to clean rugs that contain dirt and stains on the surface. We use a rotating cleaning pad to scrub the rug surface. The area is cleaned as needed, then the cleaning pad is replaced or discarded. This process is repeated until there is no dirt left on the carpet.

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