Moldavite, with its otherworldly origins and ethereal properties is an incredibly rare and fascinating gemstone. Is it worth your money to buy Moldavite, read more? Moldavite’s price is affected by the following factors:

The value of moldavite depends on how difficult it is to find. Most valuable are the most precise and beautiful examples. Moldavite museum specimens can be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are the most rare and expensive.

The value of moldavite can be affected by its quality. The most valuable examples of bright green Moldavite are those with smooth surfaces, without imperfections or cracks. The value of enhanced or treated Moldavite specimens is less than the natural ones.

Moldavite has seen a rise in value due to its increasing popularity over the past few years. Moldavite has a well-earned reputation for being a powerful spiritual aid and healer. The prices have increased, especially for the high-quality specimens.

Moldavite can only be found in Czech Republic. Moldavite found here is generally considered to be of higher quality than other specimens.

Is Moldavite an investment worth making? Your unique beliefs and principles will determine the final decision. Moldavite is worth investing in if its transformational and spiritual qualities appeal to you and you believe it has strength. If you are looking for a beautiful gemstone to enhance your collection, there are many options that can save money.

Moldavite, just like other commodities, can have a fluctuating value. Price fluctuations can occur due to variations in demand. For a fair price on your Moldavite it is important to do thorough research, and buy from a reliable seller.