Melbourne’s beautiful scenery, composed of an orchestra made of steel and glass, demonstrates how ambitious humans can be. The underpinning of melbourne has been a highly skilled trade that helps this city to keep its foot firmly planted on the ground, even with its head in the clouds. Underpinners are Melbourne’s builders of security, who create the foundation that supports our dreams. Melbourne’s random mixture of rock, clay and sand is similar to the lanes in this city: they are all different. The city’s playground relies on its variety. But it needs magic in order to remain standing. That is why the underpinners are so important. Reserve your spot.

Imagine Melbourne without any foundations. Imagine a town full of crazy buildings with funny stories to tell. The design would look like an unstable piece of artwork. Melbourne, a city known for culture and innovation, would look terrible with towers falling and gardens that were tipped over. The idea would make even the most stoic Melburnians cringe. In the world of support, art and science are combined in an elegant way. These hidden craftsmen, in their hardhats and boots of work combine building skills with creative problem solving. These hidden craftsmen move with ease below ground, maintaining foundations and ensuring that Melbourne’s architecture wonders remain true to plans.

By making security in the basement, they can work on a clean surface. The job is done quietly and modestly. It doesn’t cause much of a fuss. Just like the city for which it works. Melbourne has a reputation for being unpredictability. What keeps things moving is the city’s foundation. The underpinnings of the city are what keep things on track. They provide security, safeguard our historic gems and carve roots into the city, all without anyone noticing. The next time you see one of Melbourne‚Äôs skyscrapers, or heritage listed buildings, remember that the artists working below are quietly creating a picture of security and strength. They may not be wearing capes but the underpinning of melbourne is what keeps this concrete jungle steady.