To run your company smoothly, you need to be proactive. It is important to have the correct employees and conduct proper training. You can get a variety of services from an excellent company that will benefit you, your customers and your business. This same IT company is also able to do many things that your IT team does for you, just better. You can save money by outsourcing, more hints?

Check out how you answer the phone. Have you hired a receptionist to answer your phones? What happens if there are too many phone lines or a person runs to the toilet? Then, how are phones handled? It is possible to get hosted telephone systems which will answer calls and route them via a menu. It will automatically redirect all calls.

You can even send voice calls directly to employees’ computers. VoIP phone systems are growing in popularity. If an employee is wearing a headset they can receive a call even without picking up the telephone. The benefits of this include being able keep a phone log digitally, including the duration and number of calls. Voicemail is also available.

The employee does not need to physically be at the desk. The employee can be reached anywhere with an internet connection. The service is great for travelers, those who occasionally work from home or want to stay in touch while on holiday.

When all employees are available more often, you will see your business run smoothly because clients and customers will get the help they need.

Managed IT services also include other options. Other managed IT services include:

Website development

Hosted email services

Cloud services

Server Management