Anyone in the healthcare industry knows that there are a variety of career paths available. There are many opportunities and specialties within the nursing field. Many people who have entered nursing in the past began at the LPN-level. The LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is the basis of nursing, and many LPNs want to achieve more. 6 month LPN to RN Programs offer an accelerated pathway for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to transition into the role of a registered nurse (RN) in a short timeframe.

The internet and advances in education have enabled an LPN the opportunity to enroll in an online LPN-to-RN program. The course can be completed as a degree program, granting the graduate an ASN, BSN, or a Registered Nurse license after passing the NCLEX RN.

High demand for nursing careers

It can be hard to find a job in any field. Many large institutions are forced to reduce staffing or lay off employees. Nursing is one of the most in-demand areas of healthcare.

Students who enroll in an LPN-to-RN program can rest assured that they are not only building on the career they’ve worked so hard to achieve, but they also have the peace of mind of knowing they will always be able to find a job. A nurse’s license as an RN is a near-guarantee of a long career and a high demand.

The LPN to RN Program offers graduates more than just a career that is always in demand. It also allows them to increase their income. In the USA, the average salary of an LPN is around $30,000; however, the average salary of an RN is about $60,000. It is almost double the average salary for just one additional year of education.

You don’t have to spend all your free time going back to school

Most prospective students, particularly adults who haven’t attended school for years, believe that going to college will take all of their time and force them to change their schedules in order to attend classes. Today, students can attend college online and maintain a schedule that fits a classroom.

It may appear complicated to enroll in college online, especially if you are not familiar with computers or the internet. Online education is designed to be accessible for those who have little or no technical knowledge. Students can access the program at any time, do their homework and take quizzes and tests, and communicate with instructors and other students. It is much easier to schedule work and family life around the class times. You can now schedule your education around your schedule and design it to suit your lifestyle.