In recent times, self mini storage has grown in popularity. The convenience of using self-storage is a major advantage. A mini storage unit located minutes away from your shop is ideal for those who own businesses and do not wish to pay extra to store their goods. Today many mini storage units offer other services to renters, such as truck rental and moving materials. Continue?

There are no contracts for mini storage and the conditions of use can be flexible. Determining your own needs, you may decide to cancel your service contract at the end of a month. Mini storage units can be used to keep sporting items like surf boards or jet skis.

A second advantage is the security of your goods. Your own keys and lock will keep all your belongings safe. Choose the correct size storage unit. This will allow you to save rent. Larger self storage units waste space and cost more. If you pack a 1-bedroom apartment tightly, then a 5-foot-by-10-foot storage unit could fit the entire contents. The self-storage size of 10 by 10 feet can accommodate the contents a 2-bedroom home or apartment. The garage-sized unit is also common. It’s used by larger homes, or for car storage. When you have determined the dimensions of your desired space, ask each Zi Cun Cang store what size units are available. If you do this, you can eliminate facilities with dimensions that are not what you want.