Calgary’s harsh winters have a negative impact on vehicles. Calgary is a hellish place for vehicles because of its constant fluctuations in temperature, the freezing and melting of roadways, salts, gravels, and sand. It only takes one winter for the paint to lose its shine. And after two winters it will look like your car has completely lost its lustre – important link.

Do you know you can do more than just wash your car to restore its original paint and recondition it to look brand new. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can hire a professional detailer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Exterior Car Detailing Calgary

You can bring back the vibrancy of your paint by using the following tips:

DO Clean your vehicle thoroughly at least every ten days in the winter months (except for cold snaps).

DO NOT: Use the tire brush to wash your vehicle at the carwash. You can even scratch your paint with it!

Wash your car and then apply wax. Just follow the directions that come with the wax.

DON’T: Ignore the paint chips in winter. Moisture, bare-painted surfaces, and salt on the road will make your car rust much faster than expected!

Do: Install a clear paint protector film. Over time, the investment pays for itself.

Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Car Detailing Calgary

Your car’s interior is looking worn. Consider the following suggestions:

DO IT: Clean all carpeted parts of your car with a suction vacuum.

DON’T: Vacuum your dash, instrument cluster, or electronics.

DO To remove carpet stains, use a shampoo-soap mixture.

Don’t: Never use bleach inside your vehicle or near it.

Use a leather conditioner or shampoo the seat if it’s cloth.

Don’t: Do not use glass cleaner for anything else.

Be sure to take the time and do things right. An interior that is clean can take a few hours.

DO NOT: Do not cut corners. Cutting corners leads to poor quality and shoddy work.

Detailing a car involves the little details

It is important to be thorough when cleaning your vehicle. This will prevent it from smelling strange, making your clothes dirty, and so on. You should clean your interior only a couple times per year. Maintaining your cleanliness throughout the year will keep your vehicle looking and feeling great.

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