For beginners, forex traders hope to earn quick money by trading forex. Forex currency trading online is volatile and can cause you to lose your entire investment article source.

He is eager to start making money as a forex trader in Malay and achieve financial freedom. In Kuala Lumpur, he received three days of comprehensive but still thorough forex training. Because of his joblessness, he desperately needs to earn some extra money. He wants to be in a position to trade income for wealth and make a living from it within the next few weeks. He will need to figure out how to do it. A currency trader can earn up to 200% per monthly trading foreign currency.

After having traded forex online for one month, I checked out the trading results from this Malay student trader. You are correct! His forex trading account is losing him a lot. Because his capital is very small, he does not use money and risk management techniques in forex trading. Although his technical analysis skills have not been perfected, he has yet to consistently make small profits. He is yet to make 200% per month, so we are curious how he will accomplish that goal.

While it is possible to earn 200% from volatile forex markets, it is not feasible for novice forex traders. A proven forex trading strategy must be learned first. The system should offer at least 70% to 80% success rates for prolonged periods of forex trading. A conservative, low-risk strategy to earn 10% per month is essential for fox trading beginners. The risk management should be set at 1%. Trade time is extremely limited on lucrative currency markets. It should be between 1 to 2 hours each day. Only trade one currency pair if you have a 70% to 80% winning strategy. You can expect between 14-16% and 4-6% profits when forex trading. Based on twenty trading days. Once you have taken out your losses, you can expect between 8%- 10% monthly profit. To become a forex trader, follow this easy trading strategy.