All of the outdoor holidays are part of spring. Memorial Day is one holiday that is most widely celebrated in the spring months click for source. Although Memorial Day is now associated with a long weekend with friends and family, it is important not to forget why you are celebrating.

Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, was established in honor of American soldiers who died in all wars. While families may celebrate the holiday by visiting their loved ones or going to cemeteries to remember fallen soldiers, many Americans will fly the U.S. flag as a sign of respect on this day. Some people may give out small flags at Memorial Day to children, while others may line their streets with small flags attached to wooden sticks. A majority of homes that observe the holiday will display a flag on their exterior wall mounting poles. How about businesses and homes that own flagpoles?

The flag should first be raised quickly to the top of the pole on Memorial Day. Next, it should slowly be lower to half staff or the middle of the pole. At noon, the flag should again be raised to the flagpole’s peak. The flag should then slowly and ceremoniously be lowered, taken down and stored at the end. While some may disregard this custom and raise their flag like it’s any other day they should, it is essential that you properly raise your flag to show respect for all the men and women who have fought for the United States. This holiday is more than a century old and is a way to thank past and present brave citizens for protecting the rights of Americans.