I was curious about how many fake moldavites are being sold at what price or, more simply, how many buyers are being duped – article source.

eBay is a popular platform and it offers a wide range of analytical tools. I chose to go with eBay because of this. To ensure that I was 100% certain, I chose only sellers who were selling clear knock-offs.

eBay has many analytical tools. Terapeak may be the most familiar. It provides data on all sellers and the sold items. Terapeak’s one problem is that it keeps data anonymous. It is not possible to see all the sellers and their items, as well as their selling prices.

My analysis tool was MyStoreAnalyst. It allows you to view detailed information about any seller, including details about the items that were sold and unsold. You can also filter this tool. It is possible to determine the eBay seller’s turnover as well as the total number of sold items.

eBay sells some truly amazing items (I joke sarcastically). My delight was magnified when I saw that moldavites were available in multiple colors – and all the rainbow colors! A blue moldavite can be purchased, as well as a red one. There are also yellow and turquoise options. What colors are real moldavites available in