Do you know how hard your water is? It can effect the life and performance of all your appliances. Water softeners like ours are useful in such situations. Water softeners are a fascinating technology, get the facts.

What exactly is an water softener to start with? To soften the hard water, a water-softener removes minerals like magnesium and calcium. Minerals in water softeners can reduce performance and damage of equipment such as water heaters, pipes and appliances. Water softening can help you save money and extend the life span of your appliances.

The two water softeners that are most commonly found in our listing are salt-based or salt-free. It is possible to use the ion exchange technique in salt based water softeners. This will remove any hard minerals. The sodium ions found in sea salt can replace the minerals. The salt-free versions use other techniques like filtration or magnetic fields to decrease the hardness. For those who prefer not to salt the water they use, salt-free options are available.

Consider a few important factors before buying a water-softener. What water softener you need depends on how many people live in your house, what kind of water is used and the hardness. Experts are available to help with your assessment of these aspects and will suggest the ideal solution for you.

The benefits of water softeners can’t be overstated, however they do need regular maintenance. Salt-free water-softeners might need filters replaced occasionally, but they also require the resin bed and salt to be replenished on a regular basis. Although the benefits of having softened water are worth it, there is a minimal amount of maintenance.