Has it ever happened that when you walked into a place, the aroma was so enticing that you didn’t realize what kind of perfume it was? ESNC Perfumery is a place where this kind of experience happens all the time. This artisan line of men’s perfumes shows the depth and strength that can be conveyed by a scent. There’s more to it than just the allure. It’s telling a narrative, marking one’s territory and above all exuding confident – get the facts!

ESNC Perfumery – renowned for its nuanced approach of olfactory artisticry – has unveiled a palate of fragrances designed to transport a gentleman through a variety landscapes, emotions and memories. Every bottle contains its own universe. It is waiting for you to discover, enjoy, and cherish it.

Try ‘Highland Breeze. This fragrance brings to mind the charm and rustic beauty of Scottish countrysides. One can hear the eagles’ distant cry, the wind whispering against the rugged mountain ranges, or the crisp air with every spray. Undertones of oakmoss with a hint of whiskey make this the perfect fragrance for a man who wants to be both adventurous and grounded.

You can also try ‘Oriental Enigma. “Oriental Enigma” is a blend which celebrates all the mystery and intrigue of the East. Amber warmth, dates’ subtle sweetness and sandalwood are combined to create a blend that celebrates the mysterious allure of the East. This seductive fragrance is luxurious and absolutely captivating.

But perhaps the greatest surprise is ‘Metropolitan Pulse’. In this ode, the city bustle is beautifully balanced with moments for reflection. There are citrus notes that blend in with the leathery base, while a surprising hint of espresso is also present.

The men’s perfume collection at ESNC Perfumery isn’t all about pleasant smells. It is the manifestation of thoughts, emotions and what it takes to be an aristocrat in the 21st century. You can see the thought that went into each of these blends. They are more than just scents.