When you find yourself facing a DUI, it can seem like your caught without an adequate umbrella in a severe storm. You’ll feel overwhelmed, stressed, and — let’s admit it– downright scared. Someone who understands the system and is able to navigate you through it will be a great help. Fort Myers DUI Attorneys can help.

Imagine yourself driving home, after spending the night with some friends. If you have had two drinks and feel well enough to drive, then it’s a good idea. A flashing light appears in your rearview. While you drive over to the side of road, your breathalyzer tests begin. The results? How can you tell? You’ve exceeded the legal limit. What next?

An experienced DUI attorney can be a great asset. These attorneys are more than just legal wizards. They specialize in representing individuals who have been charged with driving while under the influence. DUI lawyers know the intricacies of DUI legislation and are able to identify any weaknesses that could be present.

For a minute, let’s get into strategy. Your DUI attorney will look at every single detail, including whether your arrest was lawful and if any errors were made in the field sobriety exercises. These attorneys will look at all of the evidence for clues that can tip the odds in your favour.

The common belief is that when you hire an attorney, it means admitting to guilt or that you expect automatic leniency. Absolutely not! Lawyers are trained to safeguard your rights, and will make sure that you’re treated with fairness.

Try to imagine this scenario: If your leg was broken, you wouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself. You would instead go to an orthopedist. Similar, when you are facing a DUI charge that is serious, you need someone who has specialized in this.

Fort Myers has its own laws and court procedure. This is important. Local attorneys may have a relationship with prosecutors or judges that can be used to negotiate better outcomes.

Then let’s tackle the second elephant on the table: cost. While hiring an experienced attorney will cost you money, it is worth considering what’s on the line: your safety, your license or even job. The investment in quality legal counsel could prevent you from facing harsher consequences down the line.

Plea bargains are a common concept. This is an agreement between defendants, and prosecutors. Charges may be reduced for lesser offenses or penalties may decrease in exchange. Expert attorneys know how to decide whether or not it is best to accept such offers, and when they should fight hard for dismissal.

A little story time! Someone I knew was stopped after attending the wedding reception of his cousin (yes, it was tempting to drink from an open bar). It seemed like his entire life had ended when he failed his breathalyzer. But he then hired an incredible attorney from Fort Myers, who found discrepancies in the way his test was administered. Long story short–case dismissed!

There’s another thing to note: These lawyers offer initial consultations that are free. You can talk about your case and not worry about the cost up-front.

Final words (whoops!) The best way to fight back against a DUI in Fort Myers is with the professional support tailored just for you! Remember that the options are available to you next time those lights go on behind your back (hopefully, never!).

You’re welcome!