You can grow fresh mushrooms from 500 to 800g using a mushroom growing kit, in your own home. You will soon see the fruits of your labor in your backyard. Growing mushrooms doesn’t require much space nor any other special equipment. You just need patience. The package usually contains a substrate, active mycelium, grow bag with paperclip and a ziplock bag. There are also instructions to help you. Kits may include an humidity tent. Every kit is organically certified. Don’t get any kits without this label. See Soulcybin for get more info.

You can choose from a variety of mushroom growing tools:
* Psilocybe Cubensis + growing kit
The most popular magic mushroom strain is this one, as it can grow in only 3 weeks. It can yield multiple harvests of up to 600 grams. This growing kit can produce fruits up to 30 cm in size. This kit is basically made up of spore inoculated substrate.
* Golden Teacher growing kit
It is well-known for its magical properties. You will find a way to live in a better place. The species has been growing since the late 1980’s. At that point, it was not known where its true origin. These caps, which are now grown, have a golden colour. This is why they are called the golden teacher. This mushroom can be grown in your house with a minimum of effort and water.
* Mexican growing kits
Mexican mushroom is the most popular magic mushroom and it’s also one of the most widely known. One time the South American primitive tribes discovered the mushroom, and called it the ‘flesh-of the gods’. It is easy to grow and has a light effect, which makes it a popular choice for newbies. This kit can produce adequate amounts of mushrooms.
* McKennaii Magic mushroom growing kit
This kit for mushroom cultivation is stronger than the others and should be used only by experienced mushrooms growers.
* Hawaiian mushroom growing kit
This mushroom species is fast-growing and produces large, luscious fruits. However, Hawaiian cubensis should not be confused with Hawaiian copelandia. Copelandia, a distinct type of mushrooms is so different than the first. They have straight tips that are mostly light brown and bell-shaped.
* Koh Samui growing kit
John Allen, an internationally renowned mycologist, discovered the fruit while on his visit to Thailand. These fruits have a shorter life span, but they come with a fleshy stem and big voluptuous cap. The ability to produce around 800 grams of fresh mushroom.

What’s a mushroom bag?
These bags can be used widely in Europe and Asia because they are easy to find and less costly than those made from filtered material. These bags can be filled with mixed grains and sawdus to grow and are heated up before being cooled.