While carpets can be a great addition to our office and workspaces, they are not without their mistakes. Inadequate vacuuming can be a costly mistake. Dry soil makes up almost 90 percent the soiling of the carpet. It is easy to remove dry soil by vacuuming. Your carpet will suffer more damage if you do not vacuum. Dry soil can become sticky mud when it gets wet, helpful resources!

Victor Nugent, Owner, AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc., Orem, Provo Utah, explains that water transforms the soil from dry to mud, a substance which is much more difficult than dry to remove. Wet carpets can also be prone to attracting more dirt. The carpet will not look the same if this step is skipped by the person who cleans the building.

However, some vacuum cleaners may not be as effective.

You can scratch the commercial carpets made of synthetic fibers if you do not vacuum properly. Abraded fibers cannot be restored to their original state.

However, dry soil is not the only problem. The mistakes become more common during an intensive clean. Another mistake is not rinsing off too much soap and water.

This will cause a charge to be created that is far stronger than the one it was before. The cost of this mistake is high. The carpet warranty will be voided if you do not follow the instructions.

Extraction at depth can also lead to an overuse of force in wet cleaning. It is due to the glues that are used at the foundation of the carpet, and they can be damaged by too much force. In the event that the water does not drain completely, mold and mildew may develop in the area surrounding the carpet. Accidents can occur due to the carpet’s slipping.

Here, low-moisture or encapsulation cleaning techniques come into play. You should always use this product with caution.

We will continue but before you do, please remember the following: The mistakes we discuss vary depending on what the end goal is, whether that’s maintenance, surface cleaning or deep cleaning. It is also a disadvantage to use low moisture, or encapsulation carpet cleaning. Over time the chemicals can accumulate and damage your carpet. In this method, the chemicals are sprayed on the carpet. They then wait for the crystallization of the chemical, which encapsulates the soil. When compared with other methods like carpet extraction using hot water, this one uses less water.

The process takes approximately 24 hours before the chemicals are completely dry and the encapsulation is complete. Then, you can vacuum the crystals to remove them.

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