You might imagine a person using heavy duty vacuums or a scrubber to remove stubborn stains from a plush rug when you hear about carpet cleaning in Cammeray. The world of carpet cleaning goes beyond just simple vacuuming. Many homeowners don’t know that carpet care professionals offer an array of services. Read more?

Do you know how to maintain your carpeting’s underlayment? The cushioned layer underneath your carpet is what provides insulation, support, and comfort. Over time this underlay could become swollen or moldy. This essential part of flooring can be upgraded, replaced or inspected by carpet care professionals.

You can also stretch your carpet. Carpets can develop wrinkles, buckles or other problems after many years of use. This is not only unsightly and dangerous but also a potential tripping risk. Re-stretching your carpets by expert carpet technicians will make them look new again and keep you safe.

They also care for rugs which are often more delicate and difficult to maintain. The best techniques for cleaning and maintaining rugs, whether they are handwoven Oriental or modern synthetics, can be found in professionals.

You have a stain which will not budge. Call in the professionals to help you before you give up and live with a soiled carpet, or consider expensive replacement. The professionals have specialized tools and products to tackle a range of stains – from coffee and red wine to pet accidents.

For those who have allergies and respiratory problems, carpet maintenance should be done regularly. Specialists offer hypoallergenic solutions that help to reduce the allergens that are trapped within your carpet. Not only will your house be cleaner but the air in it may also improve.

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