It is undisputed that knowledge is the key to power. We have compiled this information to make it easier for people to be confident about how they approach cleaning their carpets. These questions will empower and inform. Read more?

What’s more important? The carpet cleaner or the equipment the professionals use? Question 1.

Both are important. However, professional equipment is more efficient and thorough than any other option. Professionals have greater access to many of the chemical treatments that are available for home and business owners. But it is the equipment that really makes a difference.

To ensure thorough treatment, you will need powerful vacuums and shampoo applicators. The truck-mounted vacuums are used by hot water extraction specialists. Truck-mounted vacuums offer a powerful and efficient way to reach all areas of the home. Carpet steamers kill bacteria and viruses. The suction power of high-powered machines removes dust mites.

Two questions Why should homeowners choose to hire a professional for their carpet cleaning?

The best option for carpet cleaning is professionals who have access not only to high-quality chemicals and equipment but also to the training and expertise they need. Carpet cleaning can be difficult so it is crucial to get the right training.

Experts not only have the best equipment, chemicals, and know how to use it correctly. Do-it’s-yourselfers may use too much shampoo, or not enough water, which can lead both to serious problems. Too much shampoo, even after treatment, will leave behind soapy residues that can build up soil in the carpet. It is possible to damage your carpet beyond repair and encourage mold growth by using too much water.

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