They are everywhere you go as you enter your home and weave through your rooms. They are carpets and can accumulate dirt and dust. It is a tedious task, but it will be worth it when you think about the beautiful carpets that can add beauty to your home, with their texture and color. Regular vacuuming should remove dirt and grit from carpet fibers. Of course, sometimes this will not be enough. You may need to vacuum them every 12-18 months or more.

Check the carpet

It is crucial to check the carpet’s colorfastness before you start carpet cleaning. A colorfast carpet will not bleed, change, or fade while being cleaned or removed stains. The carpet’s colorfastness will affect the cleaning products and methods used. How do you determine if your carpet has colorfastness? These are the steps:

You can vacuum the area that’s not obvious, such as the part of the carpet inside your closet. Take a small piece of cloth, and then dampen the carpet with the stain remover of choice. Let the cloth dry on the carpet about one hour. Then, take a piece of white cloth and wipe the area with a clean cloth. If the cloth becomes stained or soiled, you can try another cleaner until the carpet does not bleed.

Follow these steps

Protect your furniture and carpet padding when cleaning your carpet. As you remove the furniture from the carpet, have someone help. Begin by vacuuming thoroughly the carpet. Next, use your rental cleaner if recommended by the carpet manufacturer. If it is not recommended, you should clean the carpet professionally. You can also use the wet extraction technique, which is discussed further below. However, you need to ensure that the carpet dries in 24 hours so there’s no mildew growth or moisture damage.

Acquire a carpet cleaning system

A carpet with a light color, or children in the house could cause nerves and make carpet cleaning difficult. You might think about buying a professional cleaner for your home. You will be able to save money by purchasing your own professional-style cleaner. They would need to clean the house several times a year. A downside to buying a cleaner? It won’t clean your home as well as professional cleaners.

Water extraction method (steam cleaners)

Water extraction units are the most common carpet cleaners used at home. This unit pumps a cleaning solution into your carpet and then sucks it back into the machine. A model without a water connection is preferable as it will not require the installation of a hose through the entire house. The burden of water extraction would be reduced by a more powerful machine.

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