All over the country, you can find dealers that offer “buy here and pay here” financing. They are most common in urban and nearby areas. This type of dealership can sometimes be criticized, but every industry has its fair share of bad actors. If you are able to identify what you should search for before you type “buy here, pay here near me” into a search tool, you will be able to avoid making costly mistakes when shopping for a car from a BHPH, more bonuses.

If you have poor credit or credit, a buy here-pay here facility may be the only way to get car financing. A credit score of 700 is required for traditional car dealers. Buy here, pay here dealers will accept any type of credit score or credit problem. They will finance you for repossessions, foreclosures and bankruptcy as well as late payments. You can buy here and pay here if you purchase your vehicle and make payment at the same dealership. They often only accept online or cash payments.

If you have financial problems or a lower credit score than 700, a “buy here-pay here” dealer is your best choice. If you need to travel or have security in your job, a buy-here/pay-here dealer is the best option.

Many of our clients have had to miss credit card payments, had homes repossessed, declared bankruptcy, or unpaid medical bills. Buy here pay, also known as second-chance financing, aids in reestablishing one’s financial footing.

Because they can work in many different situations, most buy/pay-here shops offer a large selection of vehicles. You can find small vans and trucks, SUVs, hybrids as well as automobiles, sedans, and full-sized vans.