The behavioral industry strives hard to provide a comfortable, safe and secure environment for its staff and clients additional reading. It can be challenging to create and design this type of environment. The supervision of the room and its risk factors will determine whether or not ligature-resistant furniture is needed. Qualitative ligature resistance furnishings help create a healthy and comfortable environment. Continue reading this article to find out about the furniture and its features.

What Are the Benefits to Ligature Resistant furniture

This furniture type has been designed in a way to minimise the possibility of patients hurting themselves. These furniture pieces are designed with ligature resistance features like rounded, smooth corners and the capability of weighting or bolting them down.

Features that Resist Lusting

Material and design are the two most important aspects to take into account when evaluating the ligature resistance of furniture for behavioral health. In order to avoid harm, material should be solid and almost indestructible. Rotationally Molded Polyethylene can be a great example of quality material. Cortech USA uses high impact polyethylene to produce all its behavioral healthcare furnishings, increasing strength and durability. Cortech USA designs all its products without edges, seams or corners that could cause harm to patients or staff. Design is comfortable. There are options to bolt down or add weights.

Support for Patients and Staff

Safety is the main benefit of furniture resistant to ligatures. The use of high quality furniture and materials in conjunction with carefully designed layouts will reduce the likelihood of patients and staff being injured. In turn, this can create a comfortable and safer environment.

Use these three tips to choose the best furniture for your prison

Selecting the right corrections furnishings requires some thought and time. It is important to consider safety, durability and comfort. These tips will help you choose the correct prison furniture.

1. Safety and Tamperproof

Furniture must be secure for both inmates and staff. Cortech USA’s corrections furnishing is made to last and be safe. Furniture on our website has been made with high-impact materials that are “nonbreakable” as well as tamperproof and tamper resistant hardware. Furniture is durable, resistant, tamperproof. It also has a tamperproof metal hardware. Furniture of this type is strong enough to last even with regular use.

2. Simple to Clean Materials

Select furniture made from materials that are easily maintained and cleaned. Avoid metals or fabrics, which are difficult to clean. CORx is applied to most of our products like correction beds, chairs, and tables. This substance inhibits the growth bacterial. To clean regularly, all you need is a cloth, wipes, or any type of cleaning product.

3. Designs that Resist Liqueur

Furniture that resists ligatures will ensure the safety and wellbeing of both staff and residents. A design that has smooth corners, edges, and angles angled downward is essential. Our furniture can be manufactured using rotational moulding to meet this need while also eliminating any joint or seam where contraband is hidden.

Here are some ideas for selecting furniture in corrections facilities. Nevertheless, because each facility has its own unique characteristics, you might want to consider some other aspects. Cortech USA’s sales and customer service representatives will be pleased to assist you. Visit our website or give us a call today.

The best way to reduce the risks of ligature within correctional facilities

In correctional institutes, the goal should be to provide a secure and comfortable environment, which promotes positive behaviour. Because of the diverse psychological problems experienced by occupants, security and design challenges are different. To keep people safe, it is essential to design spaces in prison environments that minimize the risk of being ligatured.

Assessing the Physical Environment

Always check the surroundings to see if there is anything that could be a ligature danger. In areas with fewer people like bedrooms, this is of even greater importance. You should check the following items: sheets, mattresses, shower curtain/rails, locks on doors, and shower curtain/rails. You should also check light fixtures as well. If you find any items with anchoring or looping potential, remove them.

Choose furniture that is resistant against ligatures

Furniture which is broken into smaller pieces can be more dangerous to occupants than polyethylene furniture manufactured in one piece. Cortech USA one-piece furniture has rounded, smooth corners and is very durable. The material is resistant to chipping and breaking, making it ideal for manufacturing lethal weapons. It is easiest to bolt the furniture onto a wall or floor using tamperproof screws.

Inspections must be conducted regularly

In order to minimize ligature hazards, the best method is to inspect each room. Regular inspections help to prevent potentially hazardous situations. They ensure that both the staff of the facility as well as the occupants are safe.

Why safety in furniture is so important for Behavioral Healthcare

To meet these challenges, furniture in behavioral healthcare environments must have safety features. Material without seams and joints is one of the most important features. Design elements that resist ligatures, like corners or edges with rounded angle are also important. Safety is essential in furniture that supports behavioral health.

Create An Environment For Healing

Institutions providing behavioral healthcare have a strong focus on creating healing and well-being environments. Facilities that provide behavioral health care prioritize furniture and decor both visually pleasing and safe for use. Cortech USA’s “no break” polyethylene behavioral chairs are available in a variety soothing colors. Our furniture has rounded edges and corners, which reduces the chance of ligatures. All of our chairs can be used safely and comfortably by staff and patients.

Take a Look at Cleanliness, Sanitation and Hygiene

Mental health centers need to consider hygiene and cleanliness in order create a relaxing environment. Cortech USA furniture is made with rotationally-molded polymers and has no seams or joints. It’s made for maximum comfort. The rotationally molded furnishings are designed with features that prevent liquids and bodily fluids entering or penetrating their surface. They enable staff to quickly clean and disinfect furnishings.

Protection of patients and staff

Safety is vital in the behavioral healthcare industry because it is a way to protect both employees and patients. Cortech USA’s safety designs and features make sure our patients or staff can’t hurt themselves. Our furniture is made to be both safe and comfortable.