The warmth, comfort, personality, and style of upholstery are all great for our houses important link. The focal point in many living rooms is often an upholstery component, like a sofa or armchair. It takes time and effort to maintain the beauty and life of your upholstery. Many people make costly upholstery cleaning mistakes, which can ruin or damage their furniture. To help you avoid upholstery cleaning mishaps, the carpet cleaning mosman team has compiled a comprehensive list of common mistakes to avoid.

The first mistake is not testing the cleaning agent

The most important mistake in cleaning upholstery is to not test the cleaning solution first. Each fabric is unique and requires a different cleaning technique. When the wrong product has been used, the cloth can become discolored, fade or even melt. Before beginning the cleaning procedure, test out the cleaning product on a hidden surface and allow it time to dry.

Use too little water

Water is upholstery’s biggest enemy. A fabric that is overwet can experience shrinkage, water stains, and mold growth. Some fabrics, such as velvet or silk, are sensitive to water and need extra care. Avoid soaking your upholstery in water. Use only a small amount.

Mistake 3: Excessive scrubbing

It is common for people to clean upholstery by rubbing too vigorously. Scrubbing too hard may seem to be a quick way to get rid stains. However, this can harm the fibers or leave them fuzzy. Use a clean towel or soft-bristled broom to gently dab the stain, then let the cleaning solution do its magic.

Ignoring the instructions from the manufacturer is mistake #4

Each upholstery item comes with cleaning instructions. These recommendations provide important information on the fabric’s composition, cleaning methods, and potential hazards. Ignoring these instructions could invalidate the guarantee, damage the material or put your safety at risk. To avoid this, read the labels and use the recommended cleaning methods.
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