Many people aren’t able to see how they can make money by reusing PLR items. They take the product, put it on the Internet, and hope sales will follow helpful resources. Other people do far worse. They are referred to as “bucketpool dealers”, simply listing product after item in the hope of making a fortune. While this strategy may work, it’s not original, creative, or geared to success. In this article I will demonstrate a modern way to use PLR, which can be more profitable.

It’s about using the PLR for the basis of a physical item. This means that you are going to publish the book as a paperback, which can be found on Amazon. That is a great idea. By having your name attached in a book that you can hold, you are guaranteed credibility in your chosen niche. You don’t need to be a professional author to publish. Amazon offers CreateSpace as a service that will allow anyone to publish books.

Simply take the PLR item, retitle to make it unique, and then format it into the standard page layout of a physical book. To find out, open any standard book on your shelves. You’ll be shocked at how much space it takes up, including notes and dedications. This is before you even get into any content. You should then spread the content so that it fills at least 20 pages. 40 would be a great number for a small volume. You are now ready to publish.