How to avoid excessive bureaucracy when dealing with business process management

Many chiefs have an illusion that integration of BPM means bureaucratization of the company. First, the bureaucracy in the understanding of the ordinary person has nothing in common with a sense which invested in this word by founders of management. Secondly, bureaucracy signs (delay in decision making, duplication of actions, to nobody unnecessary actions, etc.) successfully prosper in the companies in which BPM soft is absent. So, at least, it is incorrect to put an equal-sign between availability of software and signs of bureaucracy in the company. Anyway, if you use the best BPMS software there won’t be such a problem.


It is simple to avoid bureaucratization through a business process optimization and correct coordination among departments. The second step – to implement only those procedures which are really necessary for the company. Matter in that, for example, that standardization of the company according to requirements of ISO 9001 (purely process approach) leads to the emergence of a number of documents which nobody ever uses. It seems also to make a theoretical sense. And if a part isn’t demanded, then to other documents the relation will be at the same level, as to an unclaimed part. Yet any company didn’t manage to meet, ISO-certified 9001 company that did not manage to cope with business processes.

Usually, on the office wall, there is a beautiful certificate. Plus the mass of documents which is supported by several people for the passing of the next external audit. And only, apparently, it is also necessary for them is ISO.

Certain standards of display of models of processes contain a set of rules which should be remembered and observed. And for this purpose some time is necessary. To learn to display correctly business processes is a skill too. Depending on the qualification of the employee and complexity of business processes of the company, when using the specialized standard (not in the form of simple flowcharts), – the skill of correct display of processes completely is fixed in 1-2 months of daily work. I.e., for this period of time the employee, ceases to make widespread mistakes in case of display of processes, observe additional requirements of the company when modeling can perform this work independently further – without third-party observation and additional control. As for a business process optimization stage, surprising things are shown here. Having seen a real picture of the events, it is already difficult to stop employees in a number of suggestions for improvement of work in the company – they are estimated in tens and hundreds.

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